Orthodontic Treatment Options


Patients have completed the “active” phase of treatment when their braces have been removed. The next phase begins when they receive their retainers. This is referred to as the “holding” or “retention” phase. This phase of treatment comes after tooth movement has been completed by either braces, aligners or another orthodontic appliance.


It is particularly important that our patients continue to give the same full cooperation during the retention phase that they did while the “braces” were being worn. The bone, muscles, and teeth must now adapt to their new positions. The retainers must be worn to allow proper healing of tissues so that the teeth will settle in correctly, keeping undesirable tooth movements to a minimum.

Retainer Care:

Retainers must be cleaned daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste. They may also be soaked in any denture cleanser as needed. Retainers should never be boiled, as they will become distorted. Soaking them in Listerine after illness will destroy germs, if necessary. Retainers should always be kept in the plastic case we provide in a safe place. Dogs will chew retainers!

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