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Shortening Your Treatment Time:

  1. Keep your appointments and be on time. Each missed appointment can lengthen treatment time by about a month.
  2. Try hard not to break your appliances. Broken appliances can stop or reverse treatment progress. Please be sure to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and braces when participating in contact sports. Extensive repairs may require an appointment during school or work hours.
    If something is loose or broken, please call during office hours. Its best not to wait until your next appointment. Place any piece that comes off in an envelope and bring it with you.
    In the unlikely case of discomfort that you cannot manage, we are available when you need us.
    We are here to provide a positive patient experience.
  3. Wear your elastics and appliances as instructed. Your teeth won’t move if instructions are not followed.
  4. Keep your teeth and braces clean. All efforts should be focused on designing your new smile, not on unhealthy teeth and gums. Clean teeth with healthy gums move faster.Our tooth brushing station




As we said, keeping your teeth clean is critical to a successful treatment and your beautiful new smile. Please follow the hygiene brushing instructions below.

  1. Excellent tooth brushing is essential and must be practiced diligently throughout treatment. Braces do not cause cavities, poor tooth brushing does. Poor tooth brushing can result in poor tissue response as well as permanent scarring (decalcification) on your teeth.
  2. You should brush at least 3 minutes every morning, after each meal and before bedtime. Be sure to clean your gums as well! Look in the mirror to make sure your teeth and braces are sparkling clean!
  3. We would like you to rinse with PhosFlur once daily after brushing at bedtime. We sell PhosFlur at our office at a significantly lower price then drug stores.
  4. You should floss nightly after brushing. Use a floss threader between gums and braces. Flossing removes plaque toothbrushes miss.
Dr. James M. Holland, DMD

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